Hackney Half Marathon 2020 

40% of Islington young people live in poverty, among the highest in the country. We have first-hand experience of working with disadvantaged young people. Many of whom lack key soft skills, access to opportunities, support through social networks and suffer an often debilitating absence of confidence and resilience. Join Mary's Runners Team to raise funds so we can help as many of them as possible.

Sign up for the Hackney Half Marathon 2020 on Sunday 17th May 2020. We have paid the registration fee!  We ask that you raise a minimum of £250.00. 

You can set up your own fundraising page here on our website and promote it to your friends. They will be able to donate directly through this page to our appeal and you can keep track of how much you are raising. 

Matched funding

Some companies match the fundraising achieved by their staff. It is worth asking your company if they would do this for you.

E-mail us for our bank details or direct them to our donation page.

General Appeal for Mary's Youth Club Help us fundraise to support local young people so they can succeed against the odds, by making a donation. Find out more