Shakur’s Story

Rosemary knew that Shakur, her 2 year old son, had some difficulties Read more

Leyla’s Story

Leyla’s father had said that he just wanted his daughter to be a child and to do what children do. Read more

Isabelle's Story

Isabelle fell in with the wrong crowd but was left isolated when she split from her group. Read more

Amanda, Tyler, Janice, Nancy & Angelette

Participating in City Leaders, the young people were able to work and enhance their presentation and communication skills through pitching their ideas to an audience of young people, youth workers and a panel of London Youth judges. Read more

Nicolas Castro (and friends)

When Mary's Youth Club presented in an assembly he became aware of the whole programme at the centre and decided to get more involved. Read more

Angelette's Story

After getting into fights at school, Mary's helped find a new way forward. Read more

Mary's Youth Club Evaluation 2017

This evaluation looks at the impact we're making in the Youth Club, it pays particular attention to the quantitative analysis done on the data we collect as part of a self-assessment process. Read more