Room and Space Hire

Wide range of meeting rooms and spaces to suit a variety of activities and occasions. Read more

Youth Club

Young people today are facing daunting challenges relating to their safety, health, employment and lifelong prospects. Mary’s Youth Club gives young people the skills, confidence and networks to succeed. Read more


Mary’s Gym is by the community and for the community offering a well equipped workout space with shower and changing facilities at low cost with a monthly rolling contract or special group offers so that you can work to achieve your fitness goal. Read more

Play scheme

The words ‘school holidays’ can fill many parents with dread – especially if they are working. But these are times that children should look forward to as a period when they can draw breath and take a break from the often very competitive academic life they face at school and ‘just’ play. Read more

Facts and figures

Over 150 young people, last year demonstrated significant growth across a number of our indicators. Read more


Giving children aged between 2 and 4 years the best start. Read more