Angelette attended the youth club Talent Show (one of our social events) in 2017 after being invited by a friend (Scott) who was a current member. Over the summer Angelette started spending time at Mary’s, in the ‘drop-in’ session and taking part in group activities like the Monopoly Run (a pan London supervise treasure hunt) and Thorpe Park. Angelette started to build relationships at the club and was encouraged to apply for a Trainee Youth Support Worker role by Tasmina who was also applying for a post.

Angelette achieved well at school however she had some issues with healthy relationships. This became problematic in a school setting, falling out with close friends and being involved in altercations. After another exclusion Angelette was asked to permanently leave school, leaving her confused about her next steps.

The issues in school were in contrast to Angelette in Youth Club. She was able to use her transferable skills from drama and participating in sports to get involved with social action projects, lead icebreaker games, and build new positive relationships.

Anglette had an interest in sports and thought that she could develop this within our programme. Angelette joined the team for around five months, during which she gained her Level 2 Gym Supervisor qualification. Alongside planning and delivering her own sports session at the Youth Club she contributed to outreach, promotion, the drop-in programme and social events. Angelette gained strong, transferable skills and when looking at her next steps we were able to take advantage of a partnership opportunity with ‘This Girl Can’. With our support, Angelette has now gone on to work for a GLL, a major provider of leisure facilities in the UK. She is already taking on more responsibility.

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