It's been a while since we (the youth work field) have had much attention from the central government. And you don't have to look far to see how this neglect has contributed to the stripping away of youth services up and down the country. So this inquiry was welcomed, and it's a joy to read this final report from the group.

Pick any paragraph in it and I can think of a handful of workers who can say 'I told you so', not only that but 'I told you so, some time ago'.

So, the report is done, but will anything change as a result? With Brexit still taking up much of the government's efforts, I won't hold my breath. But practitioners would do well to share the report with colleagues, young people, parents and partners as it provides some solid information about youth practice and as ever, there is plenty to do at the grassroots.

The full report is published on the National Youth Agency's website.

APPG Inquiry into Youth Work – Final Report 2019