Childcare costs outside of any free entitlement


General Rate

2 yr olds


3-5 yr olds


Ad-hock last minute top-up bookings are charged at £10/hr.

Sessions & Minimum Bookings

You may book part days or full days. The available sessions are:

Full Day


6 Hrs Day


For free 30 hrs eligible children only 4-4yr olds

3 Hrs Morning


4 Hrs Morning


Limited availability of places

3 Hrs Afternoon


The minimum weekly booking is 15 hrs.

We take ad-hock extra session bookings in addition to regular bookings subject to availability. These are charged at £10/hr. There is an additional charge of 2 hours per week if you want your child to have their 15hrs over 2 days as this equates to 17hrs  rather than 15hrs which may be considered under special circumstances.

Help with childcare costs

Have you applied for your 2-year-old funding from the government? You do not have to be working to apply for this.

Have you applied for your free 30 hours 3-year-old funding from the government? If not please click on this link. All parent adults within the household would have to be working a minimum of 16hrs per week to qualify for this. You will receive a code which you will then need to give to us to verify you are eligible to have a place at our setting. Further information about free childcare is on the Islington website click here. 

If you would like to talk to a member of our team for further help please call us on 020 7704 1895 or e-mail [email protected].

There is a range of schemes available to help parents with childcare costs, which support parents to take up training and employment and enable children to experience an enriching childcare environment. Numerous studies and local evidence show that high-quality childcare and early education support children’s development and prepares them to thrive at school and in later life.

Help with Childcare Costs

Apply for Pre-School