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All the ways your organisation can support Mary’s Youth Club

Mary’s has been part of the local community for over 40 years and we are passionate about creating strong sustainable, equally beneficial, connections with local businesses

Long term arrangements or one off contributions are all received with thanks


Join our First Aid Training

HSE Accredited training courses, delivered by Marys Youth Work Team. All proceeds from these courses go towards delivering our Youth Club Programme.
First Aid

Team Building Days

Mary’s Youth Workers will bring out the best in your team: improving group dynamics, encouraging lateral thinking, embedding a culture of collaboration over competition, building group cohesion and having fun whilst doing so
Team Building

Corporate Giving/ Sponsorship

Corporate Giving is a fantastic way to support the community. Could you sponsor us for a year? Could you sponsor an event like our annual Easter Egg hunt, Live Link Film Festival or summer camp?
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Work Experience for Young People

Work experience is a hugely beneficial offer for young people, but it can be a bit intimidating for employers. As experts in working with young people, and an employer with first hand experience of hosting placements, we can help you to do something amazing.
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Donate products

This would include items needed by the Youth Club itself, the members, items that we can use as prizes and/or gifts. As well as products that we can use for fundraising event
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Host a fundraising Event

Could you hold a fundraising event for us? Examples are a pub quiz or, (like our friends at the Compton Arms) you can organise a night where a percentage of the sales goes to the Youth Club, or maybe a coffee morning for those who are office based
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Put a Mary's Item on your menu

In this case a pound or a percentage of the purchase price for the item on the menu is donated to support our work. This is a great way for businesses and customers to connect to Marys Youth Club and Sally has plenty of pun names if this one is your choice!
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Donate Food

We provide food for our members at every session and activity, donations of food are therefore very welcome (non-perishable items are preferred)
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Give a gift by buying us something

We have an Amazon Wish list with items we would love to receive for use within the youth club sessions and activities

Focus Groups

Tap into the consumers of tomorrow by holding a focus group with our members. They love to share their opinions on everything, from social issues to shopping trends.

Volunteer your time- CSR days

We are always looking for people with fundraising and event experience as well as those who would like to volunteer directly with young people. You could also take part in a team trolley dash!

This is one of the easiest ways to support us: simply sign up and choose Mary’s as your charity, then when you make your office order the retailer themselves will donate to Marys Youth Club. At no cost to you. Imagine, the impact if your whole team was using Easy Fundraiser on their at home purchases too!

And of course we are open to ideas, so contact us if you would like to support us

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