Fundraise with your colleagues or friends. Whether it's a bake off or a trivia night, you can raise essential funds for us. 

Looking for fundraising ideas? From Afternoon Tea to Zombie Runs, we've got loads of fun ideas to get you started! Check out our fundraising A - Z ideas below. Whether you're brand new to raising money or a seasoned fundraiser, we're here to help you every step of the way. For ideas, advice and plenty of resources, simply get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. 

Fundraising A - Z

Here's our collection of fun ways to raise money and support Mary's. 


  • Auction

Auction off your talents for the day or ask a local business to donate something for your own auction.

  • Afternoon Tea

Put the kettle on and bake some cakes

  • Arts and Crafts Fair

Get a bunch of artisans on board and charge tickets at the door.


  • Book Sales

Ask your colleagues to bring their old books into the office and hold a book sale

  • Bake Off

Involve members to bake cakes and yummy treats to sell.


  • Coffee Morning

Get your friends together on a Saturday or Sunday morning and charge an entry ticket.

  • Car Wash

A fun way to raise valuable funds while building team spirit and helping your team get some exercise.

  • Car Boot Sale

Allow members and the general public to drive their car into the car park or onto the playing fields into pre-sold stalls where they sell goods from the boots of their cars to buyers.

  • Comedy Evening

Source a few comedians, arrange a venue and charge on the door.


  • Doughnut Sale

A sweet way to raise money. It’s easy, fun and doughnuts always sell quickly!

  • Dance Off

Ask your local gym or dance studio to host a class and charge an entry price. Salsa, Zumba, disco dancing, the world’s your limit.

  • Dragon Boat Race

Battle it out on the waters, while raising fundraising for a charity of choice.


  • Easter Egg Hunt

A seasonal treasure hunt with a scrumptious reward at the end


  • Fashion Show

Showcase your local clothing stores/boutique, or showcase the latest fashion trends to a ticketed crowd.

  • Football Match

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to enter a football tournament with prizes for the winning team.

  • Fancy Dress Party

Give a fundraising event a fancy dress theme to really make it stand out and sparkle.


  • Games Night

A charity games night is a great way to bring family and friends together for some fun while raising money.

  • Golf Day

Organise teams or individuals to play with the lure of a prize or trophy and charge a price for entry.  


  • Head Shave

It’ll grow back

  • Hockey Tournament

Organise a mini tournament and charge a team registration fee.


  • Ice the Cake Competition

Hold a cake decorating contest and let your guests get creative.


  • Jazz Night

Invite a Jazz Ensemble to perform and host a evening of fundraising and smooth sounds of jazz.


  • Karaoke

Get your friends together and display your singing talents. Perhaps appoint some X Factor style judges.

  • Kayak Race

Get sponsored for completing one, two, or even nine trails and challenges during British Canoeing Week.


  • London Underground Race

Competition for the fastest time to travel to all London Underground stations.


  • Movie Night

Invite members to watch a movie together and utilise the gathering to raise funds.

Fundraise for us

  • Marathon

Run, walk or wheelchair a long-distance race in support of a local charity.

  • Murder Mystery Night

Round up the building sleuths in your networks for an evening of mystery and fun! You can purchase ready made packs, how simple.


  • Netball Tournament

Get your friends together and charge an entry price for teams. Award prizes.


  • Online Auction

Set up an online auction, perhaps on Ebay? Sell off all your unwanted items.


  • Pancake Stand

Make sure you offer options for everyone - gluten free, vegan, sugar-free and the foodies who will eat anything.

  • Poetry Slam

Get a bunch of poets on board and charge tickets at the door.


  • Quiz Night

Organize a quiz evening at your local pub.


  • Raffle

Raise funds by selling numbered tickets, where one or some randomly drawn ticket holders win a prize.

  • Relay Race

With your friends and colleagues form a team, and relay at a charity run.


  • Sponsored Silence

If you’re known as a chatterbox, you could do a sponsored silence while raising funds.

  • Sports Day

Revive your inner child and organise a sports day to raise money for a charity.

  • Sing-a-long

Host a sing-along to the music of your favourite movie, artist or band.

  • Street Party

Bring your community together, having neighbours donate food, drinks and get together for a big bash.


  • Treasure Hunt

Use an augmented reality app, or create your own treasure map and ask everyone to pay a small fee to take part.

  • Talent Show

Ask your friends and colleagues to display their various talents and charge and entry price.


  • Unwanted Gifts

Bring in your unwanted presents and charge a price for swapping them.


  • Volleyball Tournament

Organise a charity match to bring people together.

  • Valentines’ Day Rose Delivery Service

Take orders in advance or sell them singly from a stall of your school or workplace.


  • World Record Attempt Party

Dig out the Guinness Book of Records and give guests a list of ‘highly attainable world records’ they can attempt to break at the event.


  • Xmas Present Wrapping

Hire out your gift wrapping services to those who really struggle to wrap presents.

  • Xmas Party

Host a Xmas party and charge an entry price.


  • Yogathon

Ask an expert to take a yoga class and charge an entry price.


  • Zombie Run

Race against the clock, obstacles and the living dead in support of a local charity.

  • Zumbathon

Invite a Zumba teacher to take a class and charge a ticket price.