Isabelle came to Mary’s during the 2017 Summer programme.

She heard about the Youth Club by a friend who was attending and came on a trip to Thorpe Park with 11 other young people.

Although her friend was attending less frequently, Isabelle quickly became engaged in the youth club, attending drop-in sessions, trips and volunteering opportunities across the summer. Isabelle said that she didn’t talk to many people from school and she didn’t have much to do locally.

Through volunteering at the club, Isabelle earned herself a spot on the residential at the end of the summer programme.

Isabelle got stuck into all the activities, trying everything there was to offer: obstacle courses, aerial trekking, zip wires, caving and quad bikes and formed strong relationships with the other young people attending. She was a key player in our Body Image Social Action Project.

Isabelle started college in September 2017, she noted that she only really knew one person going to her college but they weren't on the same course so it was a good opportunity to meet new people as she had at Mary’s.

On her first day of college set herself some personal development goals, continued to attend Mary’s, introducing her sister to the club in October half term. Isabelle joined Mary’s new Ambassador scheme and helped to promote the youth club to other young people.

In January Isabella had 3-month check on her goals and she was pleased to be able to say she had completed all the goals she set herself. “I’m growing in confidence every day”

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