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When and How

What and Where

Online sessions will run weekly from the week beginning on the 6th of July. for a period of 12-14 weeks.

Group sessions will last about an hour for skills training and updates. Participants will be supported online and by telephone.

Two-stage learning programme about nature and wildlife in the local environment and doing a project to protect it.

Sessions will start online (we can help with access) and we’ll be meeting up in person, to explore nature as soon as it is safe to do so. 

This will include visits to nature reserves in London and beyond.



We’re aiming this programme at 11 - 20-year-olds who live in London. Older participants are expected to contribute to supporting younger participants.

There are no other caveats to participation.

We work with partners to make sure our programmes are accessible to a wide range of needs.

Young people will:

Be better connected

Be resourceful

Demonstrate leadership

More confident communicating


Mental health through green spaces and nature.

Sense of belonging through shared experiences.

Taking collective action for a better world.


Discover and Explore stage

Our group will get an interactive online introduction to the programme – a ‘Wild Meet’ – with London Youth and the London Wildlife Trust, to understand the importance of protecting our local wildlife now and beyond lockdown. It will cover how to design and deliver a project that works within the current context and will raise awareness and inspire others. This will also include media training with Headliners with plenty of ways to get creative.

Share and Conserve stages

After a few online group sessions, led by Mary’s youth workers, young people will decide on an idea to have a positive impact on the natural environment. The project will have a positive impact on how young people interact with their local green spaces and wildlife and leave a lasting impression on the importance of nature, especially in urban areas.

As they develop their own digital social action projects and campaigns, young people will gain vital skills such as teamwork, media skills, increased resilience and improved wellbeing as well as building their confidence in working on environmental issues.

Links to awards and accreditation

John Muir Award

Participants can earn a John Muir Award, great for anyone who loves the outdoors and natural environment. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award

This project can be used for the Skills or Volunteering sections of the Bronze or Silver Award.

AQA Unit Awards

There are a number of AQA Unit Awards for this programme, depending on the type of social action project chosen.

Cost and sign up

Participants can sign up now. There are no joining fees or charges for this programme. 

Non-members: To get on the programme, members will need to register with Mary’s Youth Club if they haven’t already. This can be done online or over the phone. When registering there will be an option to sign up to a specific programme.

Register online:

Register or Call: m: 07498 073452 t: 020 7183 2640

Members: Get in contact with Aston using the number above or through the socials.


Aston Wood

Youth Development Manager

m: 07498 073452

t: 020 7183 2640

e: [email protected]

tw: @theastonwood