To mark the 10th Anniversary milestone, Mary's is sharing 10 stories and memories of its staff, trustees, volunteers and service users throughout the years. #Marys10

Ashleigh Richardson-Marsh, Mary's Youth Club Alumni

When did you first come to Mary's?

I first came to Mary's Youth Club in 2015. 


What did you get involved with?

I got involved with Mary's Co-Producer Scheme. I first heard about the role through National Citizen Service and my first experience at Mary's was for the job interview, which entailed presenting to young people and Mary's Youth Club staff. I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, but it ended in my favor. I became a Co-Producer at Mary's Youth Club for a year, and was given the title of 'Co-Producer Champion,' as I stayed on for four rotation.  

How has Mary's made an impact on your life?

Mary's has made a positive impact on my life because I gained experiences in many new things. I had the opportunity to run sessions, be on interview panels, planned activities, conducting outreach and promotion, and the opportunity to meet new people. 

Why should others get involved?

I believe that other young people should get involved with Mary's Youth Club because it offers life-
changing opportunities. It is a safe space and environment for you to explore new things, and the opportunity to have qualified youth workers to build and have a great rapport with - you can gain a lot from that alone. 

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