To mark the 10th Anniversary milestone, Mary's is sharing 10 stories and memories of its staff, trustees, volunteers and service users throughout the years. #Marys10

Jahmai Allen, Mary's Youth Club Alumni

When did you first come to Mary's?

I first came to Mary's Youth Club when I was 16 or 17 years old. I was introduced and brought to the youth club by a friend. 

What did you get involved with?

I got involved with the youth club. I first came to the youth club to practice dance a lot. It gave me the space and place to not only practice dance but to also play basketball, cook and learn how to take apart and put together a bicycle. 

How has Mary's made an impact on your life?

Mary's gave me the chance and space to work on my craft and build my self confidence. Mary's Youth Club also helped me work on my English, as I was not as fluent with my English speaking and writing skills. 

Why should others get involved?

I think other young people should get involved with Mary's as the staff and volunteers help you when you truly need it. Regardless of your differences, Mary's appreciate and celebrate you for you. If you need any assistance, they are always there to help and support.

Mary's is a great place to meet new people from different backgrounds, the opportunity to gain new experience and opportunities. Lastly, Mary's is where you leave your problems at the door, to come and be your own self, grow and expose yourself to new opportunities, and to allow your hope and passion to be born and nurtured. 

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