To mark the 10th Anniversary milestone, Mary's is sharing 10 stories and memories of its staff, trustees, volunteers and service users throughout the years. #Marys10

Javern Tuitt, Mary's Volunteer

When did you first come to Mary's?

I first came to Mary's Youth Club in June 2016, through a referral of the Job Centre programme, where I met Sally and Charles. 

What did you get involved with?

I participated in many Mary's Youth Club activities, including the Mentoring Scheme, Employability Hub, and Mary's Kitchen where I have been able to developed my cooking and baking skills. In March 2017, I started to take an active role in supporting the youth club as a youth volunteer, where I made sandwiches for the homeless shelter, and supported the reception desk and trips with Mary's Youth Club staff. 

How has Mary's made an impact on your life?

Mary's gave me the opportunity to meet a ton of new people, and work on my communication skills with others, which was helpful when I encounter new social situations. 

Why should others get involved?

You should get involved with Mary's because it is a great space filled with opportunities. A warm place that always make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the doors. There are many different stuff you can do to keep you occupied, and the youth workers are great at connecting with young people. 

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