To mark the 10th Anniversary milestone, Mary's is sharing 10 stories and memories of its staff, trustees, volunteers and service users throughout the years. #Marys10

Natasha Frederick, Mary's Preschool Parent

When did you first come to Mary's?

My three year old daughter has been attending Mary's Preschool since September 2018. I luckily managed to secure a space for her several months before she turned two years as I was trying to get back into work and hoped for the best. 

What did you get involved with?

I currently use the nursery service but have been considering the play scheme facilities during the holidays as I have an older son who would most likely enjoy this. I Also have my eye on ballet class for my daughter, but as she's currently learning gymnastics and swimming, I will see how she gets on with that for now. But it's nice to know that we have a local centre offering many facilities just on our door steps. 

How has Mary's made an impact on your life?

Mary's Preschool has enabled me to re-enter work on a part-time basis and has also benefited my daughter whereby she is around children of similar ages and has adapted well within the nurseries environment. She continues to develop on a day to day basis, and the strong ethos of the nursery has been created within our home.

Why should others get involved?

I definitely would recommend Mary's Preschool, the nursery setting is cute/intimate and perfect for little ones. It can be such an overwhelming experience for little ones and parents too, so it's nice knowing that you're leaving your children in a secure and caring environment. The staff are very welcoming and are attentive to the children's needs, as as a parent that makes me feel so at ease. 

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