Last year Cloudesley ran a Sustainable Church Buildings grant programme to mark the 500 year anniversary of the charity. St Mary’s Church received a very generous grant of £21,675 under this programme (£18,675 from Cloudesley Charity and £3,000 from the Allchurches Trust) to replace all the lighting in the Crypt with LED.  Mary's has managed the installation works which has been taking place over April and is now complete.

The aims of the project were:

  1. To achieve an estimated 46% reduction in energy usage for lighting with subsequent reduction in carbon emissions
  2. Increase light levels in Crypt Rooms 1 and 2 and the South Crypt Room
  3. Install emergency lighting at the rear of the Crypt

Aims 2 and 3 have now been met, including the installation of additional light fitting in the central Crypt rooms - there are now four overhead lights in Crypt Rooms 1 and 2 (previously three) and ten overhead lights in the South Crypt Room (previously six) with the recommended light level for working of 300 lux has been achieved.  To assess if we have met Aim 1, we will be monitoring electricity consumption over the next year to see the difference the new lighting has made.

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