Youth work is an educative practice and as such we are always learning about our members, young people and the wider community. Over the last three years, we have been researching, listening, reflecting and testing in order to provide high-quality youth services which will have a greater positive impact in our community. We’ve also shared with and learned from the wider field of youth work and community development. As a result, we have a deep understanding of how Mary’s can make a big difference for and with young people.

Being better connected improves the prospects of disadvantaged young people, brings greater opportunities and sets up young people for lifelong fulfillment.

Mary’s Youth Club helps young people to be better connected and better equipped with the skills and confidence to form and engage with supportive networks of friends and family, health and social services, businesses and organisations.

Our members want to be better connected to the world around them. They also want:

  • Increased confidence in communicating in a range of different settings.
  • Increased resourcefulness and initiative in the face of challenges.
  • To further develop good judgement, consider risks, and make reasoned decisions.
  • Greater agency, influence, responsibility and leadership.

For more information on our Vision For Youth Work, please refer to our Better Connected document.