We are looking for trustees with expertise in

  • Youth services partnership development  
  • Business and financial planning and management
  • Marketing and fundraising 
  • Organisational restructures and change management
  • Governance and strategic leadership

Trustees joining Mary’s will have the opportunity to shape the charity's transformation over the next 6-8 months from its existing model to its sharper youth development-focused future. They will be overseeing the transfer of some of its existing services to St Mary’s church and the reorganisation and restructuring of its youth services team into the future Mary’s team that is fit to deliver on its commitments to Islington young people and youth sector. 

This work is already in motion with the active involvement of staff, volunteer consultants and current trustees. Now we are looking for more trustees to help see us through the transition and be guardians of the charity in its post-transition years.

Transition Headlines

  • From 25 staff to 6-8 staff
  • From 3 main service arms (Childcare, Youth, Facilities) to single youth-focused work
  • From £700K turnover to £200K
  • New/changed roles for existing staff
  • New staff for new posts
  • New income-generating activities
  • New website
  • New lease for office and licence for activity spaces
  • New/changed relationship with landlord (St Mary’s Church)  and its new management team

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